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"My kids loved you and It was an amazing experience, Gauteng can be proud to have a dentist like yourself!Keep it up Dr Botha"

"You are the best by faaaaaaar, amazing safety rules that you apply"

"Dr Botha practiced everything to avoid possible infection. Absolutely everything possible, wow.

"In the comfort of your own home, kids loooooooved her"

"Dr you are absolutely brilliant and I would recommend you to anyone"

Daniella is amazing! Such a brilliant idea! Kids loved her and she was so good with them, big mission to try get all 5 kids to the dentist for a check up. Usually have to take them at different times..

"Thank you Dr Botha for making my sons first dentist experience a pleasant and pain free one. The fact you come to our home already made him feel at ease and you were just wonderful with him. He absolutely loved you and when it comes time again I’m sure he will be happy for you to come visit again!"

"Thank-you so much Daniella.
We were both amazed with your professional service today.
(Name of patient 
omitted for privacy) loved your visit and she could not stop smiling once you had left"

"Daniella is the most caring dentist I've ever met.
I've never experienced a dentist following up with a patient until now.

Having a dentist who can perform home visits during lockdown has been a life saver for people (at high risk) who could not leave their homes.

I would highly recommend Ivori Dentistry!"

Massive thanks to Daniella! We had such an awesome and friendly family dental visit. Our family felt so comfortable and at ease. As my son Joshua would say,”Easy Peezy, Lemon Squeezy”. Simply the best - and in the comfort of our own home! We will definitely recommend Daniella to our family and friends.

Dr Botha is phenomenal. She is a travelling dentist and came to our home. All the way out on the farm!!!! I saw her advertise on a Fourways group and I got in touch with her immediately.

Kane was scared. He thought it was going to hurt. He had a cavity and he had visions of drilling and well, just plain chaos going on in his mouth.

Daniella was just amazing. She calmed Kane, explained everything to him in detail and really took the time to get him comfortable. No rush, no pressure. Just calm. Kane had his cavity filled and was as proud as can be. 2 days later, he still talks about the dentist lady...... Mommy, she is so much fun and she is so kind. Big difference from... Mommy I'm scared!

Cuzzy Gabi was excited to see the "Denta". She lay still for a little while, but her busy body self got busy again and well, left. Lol. But just long enough for Daniella to check everything out.

She also saw Kane snr and had honest, cost effective recommendations for him. She puts patients first.

Couldn't be happier to have met this Dentist. Definitely a recommended service provider.

My 3 year old son had his very first dental appointment with Daniella and what an amazing experience. Not only did we have his teeth checked and polished but my husband and I both had our teeth cleaned... all in the comfort of our home. Thank you so much for your professional and friendliness. Highly recommend IVORI dentistry - Home visit Dentists

We just had the most wonderful morning with Dr Daniella Botha. My daughter had two cavities and has been petrified to go see a dentist. After this morning she now has NO fear whatsoever and is so super happy with her ‘fixed teeth’. Thank you Daniella, for your amazing service and wonderful company. I can’t recommend you enough! You are phenomenal!

Would highly recommend Dr Daniella Botha.

She is warm, gentle and friendly and my kids absolutely loved her and the experience.

They had a check and clean all in the comfort of their home!

Thank you for everything, you are wonderful

Thanks Daniella for excellent service this afternoon. Everyone is forcing a smile around here just to show off their sparkling teeth. 

Sound on :-)

Most amazing experience for my little ones 
Thank you so so much!

Dr Botha came to our home and did some work for myself, my husband, and our 6yr old son. It was our son’s first time and he was scared. She was bubbly and he eased up straight away. Dr Botha was thorough and so gentle with our son. I can not recommend her enough! Her equipment was all sterilized and she had her mask on the entire time. We all had our own individual sterilized bags with our own equipment. She was professional and generally awesome!

Brilliant experience and what a great concept! I have been putting off seeing a dentist for years (never have time) This was perfect! Dr Botha is brilliant, pricing is fair and the whole concept just makes sense. She also saw my 7 year old son... his first dentist visit and the whole experience was just great. Thank you Dr Botha. We HIGHLY recommend this service.

Daniella has an incredible bedside manner and is particularly understanding and good at putting kids and nervous patients at ease. she was also very informative and open about all options and costs. Very happy with our family's first visit and will be doing follow up fillings and some other work with her too. Highly recommended.

Such an absolute pleasure having your teeth examined in the comfort of your own home! Dr Botha is super friendly and is incredible with little ones! I cannot recommend her services enough!!! Extremely informative for both littlies and adults - 5 stars 10 stars 100 stars


My 2 girls ages 2 & 4 have just seen Dr Botha, the tooth fairy

and I could not be happier. My 4 year old had a bad experience with another dentist when she needed a filling, so we were worried about today, and all went incredibly well. Dr Botha is patient and VERY good with kids.

Will definitely continue to use you for the next few years!


Wonderful experience! great interaction with my daughter - making her feel completely comfortable at all times.  Very friendly and caring.

My daughter fell in love with Dr Botha! I had my teeth cleaned as well and she was very gentle on my sensitive teeth! Big thumbs up!!

Ultimate convenience of a dentist and a friendly smile in the comfort of your own home. Especially popular with kids who love their surprise packet, so much so that they want to become dentists

Dr Botha and her team are just amazing! Their feedback, honesty and suggestions on advice is tops. Thank  you!


Dr Botha is incredible! From the minute she walked into our home, she was wonderful with the kids and put everyone at ease, even mom! She was amazing and the kids was exceptionally thorough. Her attention to detail is fantastic, I totally recommend her services!


What an absolutely wonderful afternoon with the dentist (said no one ever) until now. Dr Botha made my little one feel at ease and make an otherwise scary experience fun and entertaining. She is gentle, thorough and has the most fantastic personality. Looking forward to many more treatments in the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend her for little ones first dental experience and she is great with moms and dads too.


Thank you Dr Botha for a wonderful first time experience for my girls. Dr Botha is very calming and explains everything to the little ones before hand. So convenient that she comes to you and makes the whole experience fun. Would highly recommend Dr Botha for the little ones xx


My son had such a great time when Dr Botha came to visit!! she checked and cleaned his teeth, and then gave me a full clean also. So much fun to have the dentist come to us, and also so convenient. She's absolutely brilliant with children, completely put him at ease and made the whole experience entertaining. Highly recommend.


Daniella has an incredible bedside manner and is particularly understanding and good at putting kids and nervous patients at ease. She was also very informative and open about all options and costs. Very happy with out family's first visit and will be doing follow up fillings and some other work with her too. Highly recommended.


Brilliant experience and what a great concept! I have been putting off seeing a dentist for years (never have time) This was perfect! Dr Botha is brilliant, pricing is fair and the whole concept just makes sense. She also saw my 7 year old son... His first dentist visit and the whole experience was just great! Thank you Dr Botha. We highly recommend this service 


Who would have ever thought that spending the afternoon with a dentist would be so pleasant. With Dr Botha, that's exactly what happens.

She made it feel so relaxing and enjoyable AND in the comfort of our own lounge in front of the TV.

She did a check up and clean for two of my kids, followed by mom and dad as well. What a win!

The BIG WIN was when Dr Botha managed to calm my 11 year old son enough to do the check up and clean. Something that has been impossible for the past 11 years. After the appointment he even said that he'll be happy to see Dr Botha again.

We highly recommend Dr Botha and for a change are excited for our next dentist appointment.




My kids were so comfortable with Dr Botha! My daughter was very nervous after a very traumatic dentist appointment with a previous dentist last month. She was completely at ease with both kids and did awesome, Thanks to Dr Botha and her fun nature! I am so pleased that we have found such an awesome dentist

Most amazing experience for my little ones.

Thank you so so much!!

IMG-20201026-WA0014 (1).jpg

Amazing experience - Kids were so relaxed and she gave great hygiene advice to them, showing them how to brush and floss!


A wonderful experience for the children having a dentist come to the house. Such a positive experience and they all learnt so much about their teeth. Very highly recommended!!


It was a pleasure to welcome Dr Botha into our home. What a pleasure having our dental work done in our own home. I would highly recommend !!

IMG-20201026-WA0020 (1).jpg

Dr Botha came for a family consultation today. Easy set up, professional, relaxed around kids. Sorted out all our dental issues, education session done. Cost effective. Highly recommend for your next check-up!!


Best dentist visit! Very happy with the check up, clean and treatment for our family today. Highly recommend Dr Botha. Having a dental check up in the comfort of my home was such a positive experience.


Had a great visit from Dr Botha for myself and my two teenage boys. The experience was a good one and I fully recommend her to anyone needing to see a dentist.

See you soon Dr Botha x


We had a family appointment with Dr Botha today.

All we can say is WOW WOW !!!!! Both my sons thoroughly enjoyed their check ups and teeth cleans. Mom and Dad were also sorted out.

The service is brilliant and professional. All hygiene protocols were adhered to.

We cannot recommend Dr Botha more, what a great service.

Thank you Dr Botha! We cant wait for our next check up.

My almost 6 year old has refused to let any dentist near her mouth... That was until today. Dr Botha was wonderful, my daughter happily opened wide and got her first check up and cleaning with a big smile on her face. The convenience of this service is great, my whole family checked and cleaned in the comfort of our own home. Highly recommend this service especially for slightly nervous first time visitors. Dr Botha is great with kids and adults.


Had the best experience today with Dr Botha! Such a warm and special soul bot Dr Botha and Clarice her amazing assistant.....

She was so patient, kind and caring and my 3 year old Eli had a wonderful time as well. So grateful!!!!

Thank you for today!


We were visited by the traveling dentist yesterday, and it was like being visited by the Tooth Fairy.... Full of excitement and tooth education! 

My Kids now have a positive experience with regards to dentists and that is going to make life easier in the future.

We absolutely love this team! Having been to many dentists we will never use anyone else but Dr Botha. Her amazing energy and enthusiasm is unmatchable, my daughter absolutely adores her! Incredibly professional & knowledgeable. We love that she is mobile and can come to us conveniently.


The service from Dr Botha and Clarice today was absolutely outstanding! All 3 of us are so happy with our clean shiny teeth and we learned so much. 

Thank you Dr Botha!!

My Girls absolutely loved seeing Dr Botha and team today. It was such a special experience. Seeing the dentist was such fun for them and the highlight of their day.!


Look at our beautiful mascots!

Fairy JPEG-01 (2).jpeg

A great team and excellent service. The team connects so well with little kids, come fully prepared with all needed kit, and communicate with you as an adult in detail. Highly recommend!

Dr Botha and team are just the best! My kids used to be quite nervous to go to the dentist's practice - now they cant wait for a visit from Dr Botha. So happy we have found her!

WOW WOW WOW! What an incredible experience for my entire family. Dr Botha made my son feel so comfortable during the entire process and explained everything in such detail to my husband and I. I have already told all my friends and family to contact her in the future.


Dr Botha is super friendly, she explains what to expect  and walks you through the entire process. My son describes her as being "super soft"... 

Would highly recommend having Dr Botha to anyone.


What a pleasant experience. Both my kids love her!! They say she's the best dentist ever. I agree!!


Dr Botha makes everyone feel at ease. Gives great feedback after her examinations. Would recommend her for for young and old alike!

Looking forward to our next check up! 


Dr Botha offers a professional service yet friendly and so approachable for kids.

My two girls received their first dental consults ever and it felt like a kids party with laughter and jokes all round. She relaxed them so much that even my two year old was eager for her treatment! I've told friends and family about Dr Botha as she is just phenomenal!


Kuddos to you Dr Botha & thank you.

I am blown away by the service Dr Botha provides. I booked an appointment expecting to try and introduce my boys to dental visits in their familiar home environment and received a total education on our entire families oral ! hygiene routine.


Dr Botha is an absolute pro whilst being amazing with children. She genuinely educated me on how I can significantly improve and maintain the quality of my children's  teeth. We will definitely continue with The Traveling dentist for our future appointments.

Thank you Daniella & Team.

Easy, convenient and a lovely experience for me and Josh. Dr Botha and her team were caring, patient, gentle and fun to the point that my little boy is in love with the dentist. Everyone should be doing this


She is incredible. The service is so smooth, professional, immaculate, attentive, comfortable and highly recommended. Our family was at ease and thoroughly impressed. Thank you Dr Botha & Team!


Thanks for the most stress free dental visit we have ever had. Dr Botha immediately put everyone at ease, making things fun and informative for the kids, who are usually a but anxious about the dentist. The home visit is so convenient and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend!

Wow! My sons first dental visit and he loved it! He was so comfortable with Dr Botha. She immediately put him at ease so the filling was not scary at all. She is super gentle, even when doing mine and my husbands teeth. The booking process is easy and hassle free. Her and her assistant make a great team! My son loved the teeth erasers as well. Dr Botha was so patient in answering all of mine and my sons million and one  of questions:)  Thank you!

The convenience and comfort is priceless, my toddler boys were so intrigued and happy during the consultation. The gifts afterwards had the whole house buzzing, Thank you so much Dr Botha!

I have to recommend Dr Botha - The Traveling Dentist. Dr Botha & Dr Nollie came here for our first home appointment yesterday and  we are very impressed. Efficient, sanitized, gentle, affordable (I'm not on medical aid) and we are super happy. A few more appointments to finish what needs to be done but HIGHLY recommend giving them a try!


On behalf of all of us at Overcomers we would like to thank Dr Botha & her beautiful ladies for the exceptional service each of us receives! We are truly blessed beyond measure.


Dr Botha offers a professional service yet friendly and so approachable for kids. My two girls received their first dental consult ever and it felt like a kids party with all of the and jokes all round. She relaxed them so much even my two year old was eager for the treatment! I've told friends and family about Dr Botha as she is just phenomenal! Kuddos to you Dr Botha and thank you!


Easy, convenient and a lovely experience for me and Josh, Dr Botha and her team were caring, patient, gentle and fun to the point that my little boy is completely in love with the dentist. Everyone should be doing this!


A new experience is always a little daunting with children. It did take a little while for my two girls to warm up but Dr Nollie & Clarice were wonderful and by the end of the visit were dragged to see toys and ears talked off.

Both girls were disappointed to see them go.

This is an amazing service and team!


I loved how patient you are & how you guys made the kids feel at ease. My eldest is fixated on Dragonball & rarely has people that show interest in it - you guys made him feel so special. You guys are professional, kind and caring. Thank you so much for making it such a special experience


Thanks for the most stress free dental visit we have ever had. Dr Botha immediately put everyone at ease, making things fun and informative for the kids, who are usually a bit anxious about the dentist. The home visit is so convenient and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend! Thanks


My daughter was petrified of the dentist until she met Dr Nollie and Clarice. You could feel he calm and their wonderful energy the minute they arrived. Their messages sent beforehand and the time spent allowing her to get settled made such a difference, they explained everything to her (in a way SHE could understand)

It was stress- free, and most of all, fun! THANK YOU!!


Thank you for visiting Kleuternessie, the kids really enjoyed it. They were fighting over who's going first! such a great experience for every child.

Kind & professional

IMG-20210601-WA0078 (1).jpg

I loved the interaction between the team and the children. Loved the video before, the bright colours and of course the professional service! Well done girls!


Dr Nollie and Clarice, thank you for a truly positive experience on our home visit! Their setup was brilliant, excellent hygiene protocols were followed and all round fun was had! Highly recommend their service especially for little ones new world of the Dentist.


Such gentle and kind ladies. Very Patient


Friendliness  - so kind and good with kids - Professional

The engagement with our children and friendly nature. This has been an amazing experience! Keep up the good work.


Very professional and extremely friendly. Would highly recommend them for your children's dental appointments.


I loved the interaction between the team and the children. Loved the video before, the bright colours and of course, the professional service


The interaction with the kids and always making sure the kids are comfortable!


Thank you for an amazing fun filled experience. My daughter loves Dr Nollie! You ladies are the best.


Great service! Dr Nollie & Clarice were amazing.


Friendliness, so good with kids & communicating.


My kids were so happy!

I woke up yesterday morning in a bit of a panic because Isla had been hysterical the afternoon and night before, Complaining of what I thought was tooth ache. I was so nervous about getting her to the dentist, how was I going to get her to even open her mouth for a dentist?! I sent a message at 7am to Dr Botha - The Traveling Dentists and by 10am they were here. I cant recommend them enough. The kids laughed and smiled for the duration of the visit. When Hamish got home last night and asked if the dentist had come to visit, Cullen responded, "ya dad, the dentist came today and it was absolutely great!"


These wonderful, vibrant and friendly ladies turned the dentist experience from something awkward, uncomfortable and fearful to such a happy, exciting and fun filled time for out 2 and 4 year old. From a very grateful mom who couldn't believe my kids allowed someone else to do a proper dental clean for them. Thanks for leaving us with bright smiles.

How good you are with the kids and how comfortable you made us all feel.


We had the best experience on Monday when the traveling dentists visited us at our house! The kids loved the experience and no body was scared to get their teeth checked! Even mom and dad had a turn! If you are looking for a kid friendly dentist - I would definitely recommend them! Best dentist experience I have ever had.


Hi to all, I am not on Facebook but would love to rate Dr Nolllie and Clarice as the best of the best. So impressed and so grateful that Dr Nollie managed (with no pain!) to correct the botch-up made by my previous dentist. Love them both!

What a fabulous experience for my kids and I. From start to finish, these lovely and extremely professional ladies made us feel at ease. Highly recommended


These wonderful, vibrant and friendly ladies turned the dentist experience from something awkward, uncomfortable and fearful to such a happy, exciting and fun- filled time for our 2 and 4 year old. From a very grateful mom who couldn't believe my kids allowed someone else to do a proper dental clean for them. Thanks for leaving us with bright smiles!


My 6 year old daughter had the most wonderful experience with Dr Nollie & Clarice. They instantly connected with her and kept her laughing and happy through out the entire appointment. She cant wait for them to come back for her next check up. Highly informative and amazing at what they do! Thanks ladies!


What a fabulous experience!!

Thank you to these amazing ladies. We cannot wait for our next visit.

Thank you Dr Nollie & Clarice. You guys were absolutely amazing. They took the time to play with my little 2 year old and get her comfortable with an abundance of patience. I cannot recommend them enough.


This team is absolutely amazing! Spend so much time making my kids comfortable and explaining in detail what to expect. So convenient for this mom as well.


Such a positive experience for both my kids. I'm so glad I heard about Dr Botha & the team. Dr Nollie made them feel comfortable and explained everything in detail. It was fun having the dentist in our home!


Thank you for such a positive experience. He really enjoyed having the option to take a break when needed. I definitely recommend the Traveling Dentists!


Our special 2021 year end function.

Dr Botha & Team want to extend a huge thank you to all of our amazing patients. We have had another wonderful year and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to meet all of the beautiful families and create special memories.


Wishing all of our wonderful patients a beautiful Valentine's Day!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Dental Hygiene is essential 

for baby teeth, too!


I loved how much fun my kids had during the visit!

personal, treatment, friendliness, 100% child friendly!


Friendliness and making my daughter feel at ease.

IMG-20220303-WA0005 (1).jpg

We want to congratulate Dr Botha for being selected as outreach manager for the Paedodontic Society Of South Africa.


Have a look at the turn out for our amazing Domestic Day Challenge that was hosted by the SAAPD.

4_20220304_121955_0000 (1).png

We managed to be apart of Deloitte's amazing Wellness center launch day.

We are so excited to be apart of their wonderful incentive.


We had a wonderful experience with Dr Botha's team. The ladies were thoughtful and so friendly. I was worried that my toddler would react badly and refuse to cooperate. But it was a smooth process with lots of laughter and fun. I highly recommend for the whole family!

I would highly recommend to anybody! Thank you for making everything so comfortable and easy, couldn't ask for anyone better.


We have so much fun on visits!


Professional, friendly team. They took time to explain what they were doing and what we needed to do.


My baby woke up smiling today with no pain. She went to school and couldn't wait to share how brave she was! I just want to thank Dr Mel and the team, I don't know how you do it but I am grateful.


The excellent service, professionalism and friendliness.


This is the best dental service ever! So convenient and easy. Dr Mel did a kiddies filling for my 8 year old and there was no drama at all. She was great with the kids. Also extracted two problem milk teeth on the spot for my 13 year old without us needing to make another appointment. My daughter didn't even feel the anesthetic injection. I would highly recommend them! Normally a dentist visit for a family of 5 is an expedition, but this was so easy!


Caring, friendly service & good advice


Patient & so kind!


This was such an amazing visit!

The whole experience  was 10/10.

We are opening up shop!.png

The Traveling Dentists is just incredible! What an amazing, easy process! Dr Mel and her assistant Sanele was great with the kids and me!


Our amazing team has partnered up with Unjani Clinics to provide amazing dental care to everyone at an affordable price!


Our awesome practice has opened up at Rustic Timber Centre, 42 Witkoppen Road!


We managed to visit a beautiful school to present and teach a bunch of amazing grade 1 learners!


Wishing Dr Mel a warm farewell!

Very welcoming, very professional, very friendly. Made the appointment feel easy, fun and not a burden at all. Very excellent rates and checked up on me a few times after the appointment. Keep up the great job!

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