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A large socio-economic gradient exists in our health care sector, especially when it comes to dental care. Primary clinics and public hospitals that offer dental care are far and few between and most citizens of our country cannot afford to go to a private dentist.

Patients that make use of primary clinics and public hospitals that offer dental care often have to spend a large sum of money on transport to the clinic and they often have to take off work for the entire day in order to make room for traveling time as well as waiting time.


We plan to collaborate with other lower income healthcare initiatives in order to visit :


   Primary healthcare clinics


   Public hospitals


   Rural locations

    Factories and mining sites


  Orphanages and rehabilitation homes for children


At The Traveling Dentists we aim to provide affordable and accessible care to lower income and rural populations. We provide affordable care at more convenient locations.

"Affordable & accessible dental care for all"

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