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The Rise of the Edge

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Why mobile dentistry? What is the conventional means of delivering dental care missing? How do you plan on lugging around an apparent ton of equipment? Is it sanitary?

Perhaps these are some of the questions that have come to mind regarding my unique way of delivering dental care to my patients. Allow me to explain through a story of one of my patients that I had the pleasure of meeting during third-year at dental school.

It was a sweltering Thursday afternoon, my perspiration further fuelled by my supervisor breathing down my neck as we waited for my patient to arrive. Moments before I was about to lose all hope and face the wrath of my supervisor, I spotted a toothless smile through my steamed-up spectacles, my patient had arrived.

After familiarising ourselves with each other, a quick “open wide” revealed a dire situation. My patient had lost all of her front teeth and her back teeth were well on their way to a similar fate. My inexperienced, third-year self unsympathetically asked her why on earth she would let her teeth get to such a dismissal state.

Her story was simple, and it is one shared by many. For her, a trip to the dentist meant a day off work with no pay, and the cost just to get there being the equivalent of her daily wage! She would also have to leave home very early and arrive late, which meant her child would have to miss school for the day.

Her story prompted a classic light bulb moment-why could dentists not travel to patients?

It did not take long to think of the plethora of people who experience similar frustrations, such as (but by no means exhaustively): the elderly and frail who find it difficult to travel and be subject to long waiting periods; children who have to miss school and their parents who have to miss work to transport them; disabled, psychiatric, rehabilitation centers.

And so, IVORI Dentistry was born. IVORI Dentistry provides a convenient, safe, affordable and unique way to deliver dental care to those who find it difficult to get to a dental office.

IVORI Dentistry breaches the four walls of a conventional dental practice by travelling to patients to see to their dental needs while also lessening the common anxiety typical of a visit to the dentist by providing treatment in a space that is comfortable to patients.

Through unique and innovative design, the necessary equipment is easily transportable and our services are no less safe, adequate or hygienic compared to your four-walled dental practice.

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